IPCA Awards

Award Application  

Purpose - The purpose of this action is to provide a tangible means of recognition to members of Iowa Police Agencies for exceptional service to the Citizens of Iowa.

A. Policy – Each year the Iowa Police Chiefs Association (IPCA) will identify and award police officers and executives of Iowa Police Agencies certain awards that exemplify their outstanding duty and service to the citizens of Iowa. The IPCA’s Awards Committee will solicit nominations each year for the following awards:

  1. Police Officer of the Year
  2. Distinguished Service Award
  3. Law Enforcement of the Year

The Awards Committee will develop a nomination form and make it available for member’s use. Completed forms shall be forwarded to the Committee Chair for evaluation and selection.

B. The awards criteria are as follows:

  1. Police Officer of the Year – This award is given in recognition of an outstanding Iowa Police Officer. The officer receiving this award will be chosen by the Awards Committee from those officers that have been nominated by their respective police agencies and approved by IPCA’s Board of Directors. The actions of the officer must be emblematic of other police officers so as to clearly distinguish them to be recognized as the Police Officer of the Year. The award is given to one of the most outstanding police officers as determined by the Awards Committee. All sworn full-time officers certified by the State of Iowa are eligible for consideration of this award. The following criteria may be considered in determining the award, although all of these criteria do not have to be met.

    The persistent and continued application to duty after having been injured or wounded so as to complete assigned task, rescue, of unexpected challenge, i.e. the giving of one’s life in the performance of duty.

    Conscious of danger, the police officer distinguishes himself/herself by the outstanding performance of an act of gallantry and valor at imminent personal hazard to life above and beyond the call of duty. 

    The demonstration of initiative and/or courage in dangerous or emergency conditions which results in successful resolution of the situation, i.e. the performance of an act under conditions which render a clear and present danger to personal safety. 

    The excellent, unusual or continued accomplishment(s) as recognized by superiors, fellow officers or concerned citizens.
  2. Service Award – This award is presented to an active retiring member of the IPCA. It is presented to retiring members/executives who have made positive contributions to the Association and whose retirement is voluntary. The candidate must have been a member in IPCA for a minimum of five years.
  3. Law Enforcement Executive of the Year- This award is given for outstanding and extraordinary professional service to the criminal justice system, the law enforcement profession and the Iowa Police Chief’s Association. Criteria for the award may include long term contributions and commitment to law enforcement in Iowa. This would include membership and involvement in the IPCA board and/or its committees to improve overall goals and achievements; to include sponsorships or stewardship of significant grant programs or legislation important to law enforcement. Other criteria may be significant training accomplishments or other widely recognized law enforcement endeavors or accomplishments. The recipient’s achievements will be of such significance as to demonstrate a personal dedication and commitment above and beyond normal professional duties and interactions. Any active member of IPCA may nominate a member to the Awards Committee for consideration.

 C.  Recipients of the awards will receive a plaque. He/she will also be the guest of the IPCA Board at the annual LECC Conference, plus have their accomplishment summarized in the IPCA’s Magazine.